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Best Pictures from Taiwan

Here is a collection of the best photographs I took while in Taiwan. Some of these shots were featured in the English in Taiwan Photo Gallery. Another interesting album can be found at Signs, Scooters and other Funny Stuff .
101 Building Shen Ken Snack Market Jiu Fen Market Street Jiu Fen - Back Downhill Fish Market Tree Restaurant Old Door Temple
Bus to Jiu Fen Northern Taiwan Rest Area Rest Pagoda Sun Setting on Rice Paddies Bicycle Parked next to Rice Paddy Rice Field Taiwan Mountains Ching-Jing Farm
Hot Springs Trees Blue Sky Suspension Bridge Suspension Bridge Taiwan Traffic Lee-Ming-Go river in Taichung Food Market Corner Temple
Truck selling Vegetables Truck selling Veggies Selling new Houses Sun Moon Town Small River at night Mitsukoshi Department Store - Taichung Mitsukoshi Department Store Meat Market
Two Women Walk by Skinny Street Market Traditional Market Elementary School Temple The Track Chang-Hua View from Office
Ghost Money Buner Pagoda Pagoda2 Flower NH Mini Wedding Photographer Wedding Photographer 2 Temple with Large Building in Background
Lai Lai Shop Lai Lai Shop Inside Lai Lai Shop Food Counter Little Garden Temple Gate Flamingos at the Zoo Chikan Tower - Tainan Temple God
Chikan Tower and Flowers Vase Door Temple in the corn field Kids at the Park Door Man Breakfast Food ChangHua Giant Budha Lion and Budha
ChangHua Budha Back ChangHua Budhist Temple Little White Buddha Girl on Bicycle Egg Seller Giant Red Ball Row of Chairs Selling Breakfast
Walk in the Park Umbrellas YuanLin Central Park Worshippers carry the Matzu Temple Cart Giants Walk Down Street Giants Dancing Lion Mazu Parade
Carrying Mazu Gate Detail Gate Full View Temple Front Dried Squid Dried Squid Full View Small Truck 7 Eleven With Scooter Kids
Recycle Tri Cycle Man on Tractor Pineapple Wall Taichung Famous Full Up View Under the Bridge Taichung Space Needle Blue Boats, Green Lake Road to YuanLin
Taichung Famous Doorway Farmer Road Wall Window On Rice ParkDiscussion Fresh Fruit Market
Night Cooks Night Shops Playing Cards Tomato Market Watermelons Giant Chef on Roof Building Rest Tree
Evening in Yuanlin, Taiwan Let's go Somewhere! Cleaning the School Truck with Camper Selling Tea in the Park Chicken Market Fish Market Free Bottles of Water
Sea Of Chairs Where Do We Sit? Political Dude Cooking Noodles Market Seafood Market Squid Market Outside Traditional Market
A small fruit Stand Arranging the chairs Evening View Fruit Seller Quality Fruit for Sale Bicycle Fruit Seller Japanese Restaurant Lanterns in Market
Ghost Money Burner in Alley Traditional Shop at the Market Building Lanterns Evening in Taichung Min Sheng Road Jong Gan Road Jung Gan Road with Mitsukoshi Two One Building
Jong Gan Road - Another Mitsukoshi shot Taiwan Traffic Cop Night Shot More Night detail One Framed Signs KTV Traffic Cop
Farmer Picking Beans Woman with boxes on Road Pushcart of boxes Bright Red Tassels Blue Truck in Bean Factory Edge of Typhoon Rainy Day Riders Rainy Day at Guard Booth
Sunset over Palm Trees Ghost Money Burner in Street Burning Money Stirring Ghost Money Barber shop Ghost Money Ghost Money Burners Ghost Money Show-Off Stirring the Ghost Money
Dumping Ghost Money Stirring Ghost Money Stirring Ghost Money #2 Bai Bai Table Preparing Ghost Money Preparing Ghost Money Yeah Preparing Ghost Money Girls outside KTV
Ghost Money Burner on Wheels Bikes and Burners Road in Fields Sun Moon Town Dock Waterfall at Sun Moon Lake Lifeguards at Baisha Beach Heng Chun Town at Dusk Baisha Sunset
Sea Shell Shop Eranbi Park Wedding Pictures at Lighthouse Lighthouse Souveniers Sunset at Beach Umbrellas at Beach Swimming at the Beach Last Sunset
Big Fish in the Tank DriedPlums Dumping Out Drying Plums New Sidewalk lanterns Doors KTV Temple Event Sunset Roadside Lion
Night Market Car Night Market Peanuts Ling Jiao President 陳水扁 President 陳水扁 2 Taichung Park Road Streaming Lights Tien Wei Sogo Department Store
Building Fancy Restaurant Hot Little Sister Fireworks New Years Fireworks Monkey in Tree Monkey in Y Shaped Tree Monkey Overhead
Lushan Suspension Bridge Lushan Suspension Bridge and River Source of Hot Springs Cherry Blossoms Husband and Wife Trees Elephant Strawberries Feng-Chia Night Market
Fire in the hole Bloody Rice Cakes Fried Chicken Salad Propane Delivery Lugang Snail Sale Wangong Harbor Bottle Tree
CKS Shrine Roof Work Dan Shui CKS Garbage Man Red Tents DanShui Crowd Kenting Beach Kaohsiung Inner Harbor
Ship Suao Cliffs Jung Gang Road - Mitsukoshi Jung Gang Road Construction Cranes Pink Cherry Tree Corner Temple
Setting up Pachinko Taiwan HSR Bicycle through Rice Fields Mazu + Fireworks Bai-Bai Clean UP Bye Bye Bicycle Repair
Taiwan Cow Beetel Nut Jaguar Flowers Two girls riding a bike Farmer lady riding bike. Flooded Rice Field Kid Check
Night Market Shopping Night Market Fulong Beach in Northern Taiwan Blue Flowers Golden Paper Lion Taro Plant Sun Moon Lake
Scooters waiting at the light Stopping Cars Turning Left 50 Red W Taichung Art Museum Ice Cream Motorcycle Ice Cream Motorcycle
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