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Signs, Scooters and Other Funny Stuff

Here are some pictures of some Funny and interesting Signs and other stuff I found while travelling in Taiwan.
Slope Sign Bridge Sign Snake Sign Fire Sign Elevator Sign Happy New Year Sign Bar Beer Taiwan vs Japan Beer
Taiwan vs Japan Beer Taiwan Strikes Back Ice Cream and Excercise Sparkling Scooter Tea Scooter The Best Function and Good Sensation Cabin Scooter With Fashionable Feeling Another Sparkling Scooter Gel Mouse Pad
Man Rests under small tree Giant Rats at the zoo Taiwan Big Egg Detail Gu-Gwan Steep Road Parrots on the Slide Monkey Rides Bicycle Horse Hotel Dog On Scooter
Man Carries 100's of Sweaters on Scooter Selling Food in the Rain Homer Truck Three Wheeled Truck 7-Eleven Workers Driving 1 Driving 2 Foriegner throws Ghost Money
Scooter Old Couple Small Garage Motorcycle Carries Propane Tanks Riding The Dog Riding the Dog Two Tea Eggs at 7-Eleven Talking and Riding Scooter With Trailer
Scooter Nap ABN ABN With Kids Mini Cab Joker Building Family Scooter Tri Angle Cart Toms World
Odourous Sunrise Don't be a Reclusive Hermit! Road Mirror Bicycle Umbrella Girl 1-ELeven Carrying a Ladder by Scooter Pink Shirt Motorcycle Guy Sweater Scooter 2
Gradation Of Dream Gradation Of Dream Street View Healthy Galdful and Convenient Come to Great You are Great Flower sign Flower Sign Array Beautiful and Breakfast Beautiful and Breakfast Detail
Older Wood House on Corner Empty Chairs Babies and Nurse Baby Water Danger Chair Handbasin for Child Only do not beat Buty Shop ButyShop Full Scene
PP Shop PP Shop Full Scene Drink First Hotel Red Scooter with Cover Mom and Three Kids on Scooter Do Not Linger! KLC
KLC Fried Chicken Shop in Taiwan A sign on a trail near Wulai Please Flash Old Vespa Scooter Decree Dissemination Bulletin Board Horse Sign Happy Car
Owl Taiwan Shop Signs Authorized Service Shop FBI Quote Hotel Hotel Quote CKS is Closed - Maintenance.
Storm Troopers No Toast and Cracker Free Donation Pulling the Ropes
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