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Don't be a Reclusive Hermit!
Don't be a Reclusive Hermit! / 2007-05-28 08:43:54

Another sign for the new condo project in Yuanlin, Taiwan. If you can't read the sign.. It says "A home for the elite of society is not a place where unlike reclusive hermits, live alone in the remote mountains or near the mute lake, Ignorant of his career and policy, but where his still receives a warmthand applause never. For all of the elite, the way home must be the same one." I think it is funny that there is a picture of a Mercedes off to the far right in the banner! What they won't think of next, neither English majors or Walt Whitman could come up with anyhing better!

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Exposure: 1/320
Fstop: 10.0
camera: NIKON D50
flash: Flash did not fire
scene: Directly Photographed Image
software: Ver.1.00
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