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Submit your digital pictures today and you may be featured on an upcoming Picture of the Day Selection! While we cannot promise you fortune, you will have the opportunity to show off your pictures on a bunch of web sites and also have a link here on FotoZon for a week, as well as a permanent link in the archive section.

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Now you can put the Taiwan Picture of the Day on your web site or blog! Copy the code shown below for the standard 100 pixel square image, or select the size you want. If you want to look into more advanced options or change the code a little bit, that's ok - just please make sure to have a link back to FotoZon.

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Parade at CNY


Sand Bags




New Year Decoration


Checking a Message - CNY




Drying Cabbage


The daily photo service we have started at FotoZon brings together photographers from Taiwan and web masters from around the world that wish to show the Taiwan Picture of the Day on their website. Every day a new photo is selected to display on this page and across the world wide web. There are many ways to get involved. You can be a contributor, a presenter, a viewer or all three! The Taiwan Daily Photo service was established June 1st, 2007. As it grows, the monthly calendars will fill up with many beuatiful and interesting pictures from the island of Taiwan. See above for the latest selections and more information.

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