FotoZon Sunday December 5, 2021

Picture of the Day

FotoZon is pleased to introduce its newest feature "Picture of the Day" where we feature the best of the best with a fresh new picture every day. This program is just being launched, so there is only one category so far, however we expect to expand into other categories and topics in the near future. Please see below for today's selection from our main category.

We are also actively seeking photographers (professional and otherwise) with fresh and recent pictures to contribute to the picture of the day project. Get your work seen and published around the web with a link back to your photography home page. Currently we are accepting and placing pictures in the category of "Taiwan". Photographs submitted for other categories will be held in backlog until which time we decide to launch a new category.

You are also welcome to display the picture of the day on your own web site. Just visit our web site tool page for more information and all the code you need to post the picture on your own home page. You don't have to be a webmaster to make it work! We provide easy instructions in layman's terms so you can easily add this dynamic content to your home page, photography site or blog. Please make sure to read and follow all the terms and conditions before you proceed.

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