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Taiwan Picture of the Day - Web Site Code

How to add the Taiwan Picture of the Day

Copy the code listed below to present the Taiwan Picture of the Day on your web site. Options are provided for those with little or no html experience. More experienced programmers and webmasters can use the Advanced Options listed at the bottom of the page. We suggest using advanced method in order to show the title and alt tags on your web page.

HTML Method - Image Only Examples

You can change around the description and alt tags with this method, but please be sure to maintain a link back to the FotoZon Web Site. Periodically we will review websites that are displaying our Taiwan Picture of the Day and make adjustments as necessary. See example sizes with code. - Just get the code now

Advanced Method

These methods are for inserting code directly in your web site scripts that will read the "Picture of the Day" code and present it on your web site. Pease note all the methods below assume you are presenting the medium sized image. Substitute "small", "square" or "tiny" where appropriate to get the correct sized image you are looking for.

Use the Picture of the Day Javascript Wizard to create your custom code. Good for showing the daily changing picture with title and description. No programming required, just copy the resulting code and paste it directly in your html page, blog or wherever.



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