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Other Miscellaneous Pictures of Taiwan

This album mainly consists of "Out-Takes" and other stuff that might not be so interesting... I've compiled a lot of extra pictures that may not be as beautiful as the others - you know, like Garbage Trucks and Rain and stuff - however they may be interesting to some, and sometimes I use them on my Foto Zon Blog so that is why they are all here. Here are some Better Pictures of Taiwan. Enjoy!
Rain Drops When It Rains It Pours More Rain Garbage Truck Throwing the Garbage Golden Villa Ditch
Ditch Prettier Side Bamboo Bamboo Bottom Bamboo Too Bee on Flower Flower Gate
Gravel Road Guardrail Shadows HSR Train HSR Goes By Woman walking with umbrella Welcome To Yuanlin Basketball
Crack n Cone Falling Off Lake New House Cows in Taiwan Lotus Pond Lotus Pond Too
Lots of Water Typhoon Preparation Nail that Sticks Up Setting up the Night Market Drainage Canal Drain Pipes and Bridge gray area
gray area parking Statue Shop Break in Storm Black Dog Boat Trip Boat Trip Two Little Fish Laid Up
Palm Tree Forest Palm Trees New Office Sunset Header Sunset Header Brighter Sunset Tubes
Aquarium Aquarium Discovery Zone Whale Fountain Rice Field Down the Road Track from woods cropped2 Agri Stream
Wedding Pictures at Lighthouse Two Bridge Bridge Closeup Cliffs Side Mirror View Side Mirror View 2 Chang Hua Skyline
The Fan is Clean Cafeteria Temple at Night Temple, Traffic and Lanterns Street With Cover Detail River River Rescue
River Rafting River at Che Cheng Resevoir Pond at Che Chang Old building next to pond Lanterns Lanterns Detail
Lanterns Lantern Strings and Temple Drying Plums Lots Flowers on the Wall Bird House Deco-House Woman of the Budhist House
Selling Fish Temple Detail Temple Blue Truck Year of the Pig Kitchen on the edge Kitchen on the edge detail Store
Small Store Action Small Temple Small Temple Two Small temple three Small temple Four Small temple Five
Flogging the Fire Small temple Six Temple Event Temple Event Two Temple Event Sunset More Action Milking Cow Show Milking Cow Show Two
Taichung Intersection Milking Cow Show Three President Speaks President Speaks Two The Crowd California Fitness California Fitness Two
Busy Road Taichung Park Road Three Taichung Park Road South Two KTV With HSR Mountain KTV Panorama Self Portrait
Working on the trail shao wei ma shao wei ma Night Market Steamed Stuff Roo-Wei Ching-Jing Farm Crowd
Almost Done On the way to Deng Pu River Valley Trout Pond Mushroom Rest Area Rock and Road Jade Mountain
Little Train at Wulai Jade Carving Sky Ride Beetel Nut Girl Delivering the Goods Beetel Nut Girl Meditation
Drying Cabbage Cabbage Drying Red and White Building Temple in Rice Fields Temple Massage Event Kids Playing Top of Main KRT Station in Kaohisiung, Taiwan
Kaohsiung, Taiwan Subway Station Art. Temple Massage Moving the Fridge Crane Delivery Taiwan HSR Taiwan HSR Road Construction
Road Worker New Building Construction Furry Dinosaur Dinosaur bigger than building! Dinosaur dominates building Brontosaur Cuttlery
Apartment Buildings New Building New Building Umbrellas at Beach copy Crop2
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