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Dan's Photo

Daniel is a photographer from Taipei, Taiwan and does an excellent job with all kinds of photography. His specialty is shooting the tallest building in the world, the Taipei 101 tower. Here are a few of his photographs. See More of Dans Photos Here
Taipei 101 Tower Pi Sign. Pig Farmer Red Rally
Cheering for Taiwan to the UN CKS Action Going to Vote KMT Wins Legislature in Taiwan
Red Anti-Chen Protest Taipei Lantern Festival 2008 Jump into the Sea Yeliou - Baoan Festival
Ma at Chen-Gong 馬到成功 Free Tibet Taiwan Moves Forward Dragon Dance
National Concert Hall in Moon-Light Sun Yat-sen Memorial President Ma Twelve Grannies Parade
President Ma's Dragon Boat Team photographer chasing trains Sacrificial Altar for Chiang-Ku Ceremony 主普壇 Rice Field 大溪
Taipei View First Light Taipei 101 Fireworks Pingsi Sky Lanterns
Baishatun Mazu festival
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