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Zo Chiu

Zo-Chiu is a religious Taoist / Buddhist happening once every 13 years. Hundreds of offering tables, sacrificed pigs, goats, tables set for ghosts, it is all there. Here's also a video of some of the traditional Chinese music there
Bamboo Frame Bamboo Frame Number 2 Bamboo Frame Detail Dragon Table
Cow Happy 2010 ! Empty Tables at Night One Offering Zo Chiu at Night
Shelves of Foods Taiwan Beer and Lots of Other Drinks Recycling Man Pig Truck
Truck of Pigs Dead Pigs Mounting the Pig Mounting the Pig Two
Covering the Pig Goats and Pigs Procession The Giant Pig Zo-Chiu
Fancy Table for Ghosts Fancy Table for Ghosts Fancy Table Detail Big Kitchen
Big Kitchen Kitchen Mass Cabbage Free Food
Street Kitchen Fireworks. Candy Covered Strawberries
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