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The Weekly Photo

Reflective Fishing Glass Dome Photographers Summer water fun At the Bamboo Graduation flower season Chess
Fishing boats at Hengchun Ghost money Collecting the Taro Harvest Kaohsiung Orange Line Waiting at the lights Long line boats in Kaohsiung harbor Sashimi, Dong gang fish markets
University parking lot Tug of war Melamine free bubble tea Water wading DIY beads Vietnamese noodles Squid boat
Winter scooter mask collection Dragnet fishing boat Wood panel housing: Kaohsiung Ready, set, go. Scooters at the lights Drying fish eggs Working the rice fields Bicycle built for two
Purple Butterflies Rice planting Night lights from Beidawu New Year firecrackers SpongeBob in Daliao Taguan shan Farm Truck
One of the last
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