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I have spent almost a whole year in Kaohsiung between 2006 and 2007 on my post-grad internship. I think it's a wonderful place with truly fantastic people!
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the corridor2007-02-17 12:45:51
That's probably my most photographed location in Kaohsiung city - Lotus Pond. I live very close to it so a walk with a camera in my palm is often a good option. It's in the north of the ... more
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through their jaws2007-01-05 18:29:22
Tiger and Dragon Pagodas at the Lotus Pond in Kaohsiung city. Those two towers are almost a symbol of the city.
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the warmth of sphere2006-11-05 19:29:15
A very common view but still mesmerizing. Fruit stalls in Taiwan are as popular as trash bins in Europe. This one was found at the biggest nightmarket in Kaohsiung - Liouhe nightmarket in ... more
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above my head2007-01-28 09:28:01
I went for a walk in my area of Kaohsiung (Tsoying district) and have accidentally found this impressive construction of the highway. I was walking on the grass beneath it with the massive ... more
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the dryer2007-02-11 10:03:01
I have found those juicy chunks of tuna fish getting dried in the Kaohsiung city centre. It was a small street opposite to Sanfongzon market.
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frills of the sky2007-05-27 11:15:42
Most of the time I wanted to take a photo the sky in Kaohsiung was lead grey and blunt. I have been waiting almost nine months to have a chance to capture some satisfying pictures. At last ... more
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the calm eyes2007-02-11 08:39:57
Everyday life kind of photo. During Chinese New Year I have visited Sanfongzon street in Kaohsiung city centre. You can buy all kinds of thing there. This woman was selling some sweets I ... more
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the development2007-01-21 11:15:02
Gigantic yellow cranes in Kaohsiung harbour. Those machines are impressive. Taiwan - land of development!
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the fish2006-11-05 20:02:14
Regular view from Taiwanese night market. This one have been taken at the Liouhe market in Kaohsiung city centre.
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the lantern tunnel2007-03-03 16:17:56
During the Lantern Festival 2007 there was an exhibition of small funny pig-lanterns at the Love River.
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the mooring2007-01-21 11:05:32
Kaohsiung harbour. One of my favourite locations. Old ships, the rust, the space, the sky. Tallest building of Kaohsiung visible in the left bottom corner.
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end of kaohsiung2007-09-27 09:40:08
Walking down the breakwater of Cijin Island you get to the end of Kaohsiung city. There is nothing else but sea.
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house that lights2007-09-27 09:40:09
When visiting Cijin Island of Kaohsiung city apart from trying some seafood and sweets I recommend paying a visit to the lighthouse located up on the hill.
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above all2007-09-27 09:40:09
This huge Buddha statue is located on the top of the Clear Water temple placed right next to the Lotus Pond in Kaohsiung. A must-see for all the visitors.
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from 85F2007-09-27 09:40:10
A panorama of Kaohsiung city taken from the skyscraper - so called 85 building. What a view!
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baggy jeans2007-09-27 09:40:10
That tall bloke is me. Actually my shadow to be precise. It's funny because I look like wearing baggy jeans but it's only the shadow that makes me look that way. I ain't wearing baggy jeans ... more
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corridor revisited2007-05-27 11:28:44
I have been to Lotus Pond in Kaohsiung probably a million times. That one is very similar to the one I already posted but this one is better I reckon.
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golden row2009-04-12 06:17:24
Row of golden Buddha statues in Fo Guang Shan monastery, south Taiwan, Kaohsiung County, Dashu Township.
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north side2009-04-12 06:17:24
That is the view from one of the mountains of Kaohsiung city. It is the northern part of the city - Tsoying district. Actually the mountain visible in the background is in Gushan district. ... more
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ritual2009-04-12 06:17:24
My Taiwanese lunch.
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soft carpet2009-04-12 06:20:12
Taken in Fo Guang Shan monastery, located in south Taiwan, Kaohsiung County, Dashu Township. Pu Hsien Temple was established in 1967 by Venerable Master Hsing Yun. Fo Guang Shan ... more
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