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Walk to the Train Station

The night before, we missed the last high speed train from Kaohsiung. We tried the regular train - booked - standing room only! We tried the hotel - Full ! Finally, we found a bus to drop us off out by the freeway off-ramp. A wild chicken taxi brought us back home around 4am for $350. Anyways, we had left the car at the HSR station in Taichung, so, the next morning I walked to the Yuanlin station and caught the local train over there. Along the way, I decided to take advantage of this situation and snap some fotos.
Fake VW A New Building A long row of townhouses A new Housing Complex
Another new building Under Construction More New Houses! Canal
House Sales Market Street Push Cart Scooters
Small Shrine Small Alley Fork in the Road Yuanlin Train Station
Yuanlin Train Station Sign Motorcycles to Ship Here it comes A Little Train
HSR Under the HSR Parking - only $100
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