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I have only been to Cambodia once - in August 2007. I have visited the capital Phnom Penh and Siem Reap and the near-by Angkor temple complex, which was a great experience!
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green square2009-04-11 07:01:18
The view from the Preah Khan. One of the temples of the Angkor complex.
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her charm2009-04-11 07:01:18
One of million Apsaras of the Banteay Kdei of the Angkor complex.
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how much2009-04-11 07:01:19
If you are stubborn or ultra-sport-minded you will choose a bicycle or a bear feet to visit Angkor complex. If you are a normal bloke like me I reckon you will choose a motorcycle or a tuk-t ... more
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mountain temple2009-04-11 07:01:19
To me symbol of the Angkor complex is not the Angkor Wat but The Bayon. It's smaller but more attractive because of its more interesting structure and design. The Bayon (visible on the ... more
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pieces2009-04-11 07:01:20
This is the Bayon. The place of the Angkor complex that made the biggest impression on myself.
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the brick2009-04-11 07:01:20
The most recognizable structure of the whole Angkor complex - Angkor Wat temple.
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under2009-04-11 07:10:07
This is the middle of Neak Pean in the Angkor Complex. It's a unique structure. Based on the shape of the circle. During heavy rainy season it makes an impression of an island.
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domain of the king2009-04-11 07:10:08
The Royal Palace (Preah Borom Reach Veang Chatomuk Mongkul) in Phnom Penh. The residence of their Majesties the King and the Queen and the royal family. Since October 29th 2004 Norodom ... more
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