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Southern Taiwan

mini joss Beautifully adorned miniature joss in Tainan temple
ba jia jiang intricately painted ba jia jiang protects people from evil spirits. Tainan County, Taiwan
South Cross Island Hwy The mist and setting sun silhouette pine trees against distant mountains. south Cross Island Hwy, Taiwan
Chou Warrior Chou Warrior strikes a fierce pose during performance in Tainan City, Taiwan
Bunong Boys Bunong boys prepare for performance in Namasiya Township, Khh, Taiwan.
Burning Boat Boat burning in Gui Ren that takes place once every sixteen years. Taiwan
Dang Ki Dang Ki gets sterilizing alcohol spray.
Plackards and men Temple Men hold plackards during a ceremony in Guiren, Taiwan
Ming Hua Yuan, Gui Ren Young Ming Hua Yuan performers in Guiren, Taiwan
Treehouse, Tainan Roots cover the door in the old Tait building warehouses, Anping, Taiwan
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