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Aboriginal Theme Park

Recently we went on a trip up to the Aboriginal Theme Park in Nantou county , near Sun-Moon Lake. When you hear the official name of the place as "Aboriginal Culture Village", you think of some kind of boring educational place, like a museum. In Taiwan however, its something for everyone, and its actually a full-fledged theme park, with restaurants, rides and lots of other stuff. It's a great place to bring the kids with lots of little trains and a sky tram to ride on. Although it was expensive at NT650 per person, it was worth it and we all had a great time.
Theme Park Train Waiting for the Train Sky Ride European Garden
Aboriginal Park View from top Aboriginal Park Dancing View from Sky Train Aboriginal Park Sky Ride View
Lookout Tower Snack Hut Stairs costumes
Dancing Dancing2 Dancing3 Dancing5
Circle Dance Sky Ride Aboriginal Maiden Aboriginal EuropeFountain and Death Drop
Flowers in Puli Sunflower First Grade Track Meet
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