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Click Here to view Sheep farm on ChinJing farm, Nantou county in Full Size
Sheep farm on ChinJing farm, Nantou county2007-06-01 17:48:17
Sheep farm and a small cottage with gorgeous backdrop of mountains at ChinJing farm, Nantou county. ChinJing farm is located on the central mountain range of Taiwan in nantou County. it is ... more
Click Here to view Clouds after sunset in Full Size
Clouds after sunset2007-09-28 17:55:15
It facinating to see how the colors change after the sunset. Took this from my apartment window moments after sunset in Jhongli, Taoyuan County.
Click Here to view Taipei 101 shadow in Full Size
Taipei 101 shadow2006-01-30 16:58:16
East of Taipei 101. The picture was taken in the evening. One can judge the enormity of Taipei 101 from the shadow.
Click Here to view Sunset from Taipei 101 in Full Size
Sunset from Taipei 1012006-01-30 17:18:16
The Sun is obstructed by alouds but still can be seen as reflected by Danshui river.
Click Here to view Walking trail along the banks of SunMoon lake in Full Size
Walking trail along the banks of SunMoon lake2007-06-02 16:50:57
Its unusal to find it empty. Many tourist and locals flock this trail for nice view of SunMoon lake and enjoy breeze
Click Here to view Bicycle Parking in Full Size
Bicycle Parking2007-11-20 10:56:36
Bicycles parked hanging on the front wall of an old house in Mioli County. The road was too narrow hence optimum use of the available space.
Click Here to view Colud after Sunset in Full Size
Colud after Sunset2006-01-30 17:35:42
Moments after the sun went down. Alomst looks like some giant firball has been shot across the canvas. A large cloud straightened out by fading sun light.
Click Here to view Shihmen Reservoir in Full Size
Shihmen Reservoir2007-10-21 16:21:06
At Lakeside Coffee Shop in DaSi Township, Taoyuan County. Drinking water with natural flavor provided by fresh piece of lemon and orange.Shihmen Reservoir in the background.
Click Here to view One from Madame tussaud collection in Full Size
One from Madame tussaud collection2006-01-30 17:42:16
From Madame tussaud collection on display in Taipei 101.
Click Here to view Owanda Recreational Park, Nantou in Full Size
Owanda Recreational Park, Nantou2007-11-14 06:12:07
On the way to ChinJing Farm in Natou county. Beautiful place of mountains and lake
Click Here to view Taiwan Taxi in Full Size
Taiwan Taxi2007-12-09 01:01:09
Taiwan taxis ain't famous for their artwork but this one cab driver went ahead to show his love for famous japanese cartoon Doreimon and had painted on the front and both sides of his ... more
Click Here to view Afternoon Tea in Full Size
Afternoon Tea2008-04-27 13:23:17
From the deck of "Storia d'amore" Bed, Breakfast, Tea and food in Jiu Fen - Northern Taiwan
Click Here to view Boat on Liyu Lake in Full Size
Boat on Liyu Lake2008-05-03 17:35:38
Near Hualien
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