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Tranquil night2007-09-07 10:41:02
I was supposed to take a shot of an eclipse. But it didn't show up due to the cloudy sky. Sitting at the beach for a while, attracting by the light of lamppost at far distance, I decided to ... more
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85 building2007-07-02 21:26:06
Although this is another cliché photo, I hope to post it with different mood and time, and new gear Canon 17-40mm. I lay down on the ground, looked up the 85 building under an art work ... more
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Moving tide2007-07-06 22:58:21
After waiting for couple months, the colorful clouds ended up showing up in Hsitzu Bay before the sunset. The low sun cast a golden glow on the shore. The colorful moving tide led the ... more
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Tranquil moment2007-07-19 00:00:00
Arriving this beach after sunset. The light was fading fast. I was trying to find a suitable foreground, ex. boulder to add the depth of field, but couldn't. I started to catch the last ... more
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Let's watch the sunset2007-07-19 00:00:00
It had low tide when arrived this beach. Some tourists had occupied the beauty of the sunset. I waited for a while and hoped them moved to a suitable position. But they were not aware of me ... more
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