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Taiwan through western eyes.

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Watching you talk to me God observes the shopping mass Simple beautiful and wholesome

Recently returned to Taiwan with my wife and daughter andnow living in the south of Taiwan in an area called Nanzih on the northern side of Kaohsiung.

This time I have the opportunity to explore the wonders of Taiwan with family and friends. I have also decided to capture these images through photography that I have rediscovered again through the help of my father in the UK.

I hope these images help people to know alittle more about this small island in asia and its culture, people and enviroment. I also hope that they portray and help people who have never thought much about Taiwan learn some more about its ways and culture.

Even though these are personnal images I hope people feel that the images are of interest and also I would love to here feedback on how I can improve my photography skills too.

Thank you for your time and hope that you enjoy your visit.

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